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The story of the Antlers

I have to share of the goodness of the Lord in a story about my antlers!

God put a desire in me to make something special with antlers. I didn’t know exactly what, but I knew that I wanted to make something and make something soon!  The antlers have special meaning to me!

I recently did a post on a Mounted Deer Head, check it out! Still, I wanted to use real antlers as I love the look and the symbolism!

The problem was I didn’t have antlers and was under the impression, mostly by my husband, that nobody just gives you their antlers because they’re special!

It was on a Saturday and three of us were driving in the car, and I told my family that I’d be getting some antlers. They laughed at my optimism and we moved on…

The very next day I was introducing two friends, and we got to talking about hunting. Within minutes of chatting, one friend asked me if I wanted some antlers. I got so excited and answered with a resounding Yes!

He had no idea, until now, how he was used by God to fulfill a desire that God Himself put in me.

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.  Psalm 37:4

You see, God often puts a desire in our hearts, so He can come along and fulfill it! Isn’t He amazing! I know that antlers are small in comparison to Big needs and desires, but to me it’s all the same. If God can move on someone’s heart to give me antlers, He can move Mountains in my life!

This is what I created with these wonderful antlers~


I felt to put the word Hope on it, and then laughed when I realized I was making a mini Hope Chest!


It displays the antlers well, and I can also use it to tuck special treasures inside!


They found their home on the bookshelves, framed by the painted basket!

I love it, and I love that nobody can see the secret message of Hope on there! I know it’s there and that’s what matters! (and now you know it’s there too, I suppose!) 🙂

Psalm 31:24 “Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.”

Easy Steps~

1. Find a wooden box to use as the display stand. (This was a box that held note cards!)

2. Spray paint the box the color that will work with your decor.

3. Hot glue a small piece of wood to the box~ This will lift the front of the antlers, positioning them upright. (This may not be necessary depending on the angle the antlers are cut!)

4. Hot glue the antlers to the wooden box.

5. Decorate the box, if you so desire, and Enjoy!


Remember to Delight yourself in the Lord, and one of the side effects is that He will give you the desires of your heart. ❤

Loving Jesus,

Heidi 🙂   ~If this post made you smile, please like, comment or forward on to others, thanks!


7 comments on “The story of the Antlers

  1. Ariel
    November 29, 2013

    These antlers really were an answer to prayer. I love how God works! And as you know, that’s my life verse you shared! 🙂

  2. David
    November 29, 2013

    Luvvvvvvvvvvv it!! Love venison too!

  3. Kim
    November 29, 2013

    Heidi, you have some unique God stories, that’s for sure! I love this example of how God brings answers right out of the blue. More importantly, you had the boldness to believe He was going to supply the antlers, even though you were told it wouldn’t happen. God can and does do anything He sees fit. Amen! 🙂

    • hvalardi
      November 29, 2013

      Thanks so much Kim! I tried to subscribe to your blog again and it wouldn’t go through… I would love to get them emailed to me like they use to! Hope and pray all is well for you and yours!! 🙂

      • Kim
        November 29, 2013

        I’ll try again to find out what’s going on with that! I’d love for you to follow me through email. ~ All is well here, thank you. Hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Rebecca
    December 6, 2013

    This is one of my favorite posts!! I really like the way you wrote this! Even though I know you as a friend, I feel like I got another glimpse into your life by reading this. I especially liked the part where you said you were all in the car together and told everyone you’d be receiving antlers soon and then it happened! I love reading about the prophetic.

    • hvalardi
      December 6, 2013

      I love reading about the prophetic also…and it’s even better when I can experience it first hand! 🙂

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