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A new “frame” of mind~ Thinking outside the box

sneak peak~


I think I began thinking “outside the box” when I was a child.

My creativity began in childhood. I would use what I could find to play with. If I didn’t have a Barbie car, I made one out of a shoe box. I would use a cocktail sword for Ken to fight his battles. There was always a use for all of those little things that others found useless!

It serves me well today. I love to look at things, find new uses for them or make something out of what is seemingly nothing!

An example of thinking outside of the box~

I found this shadow box frame at Kohls for 90% off…


A sight for sore eyes…Yes, 90% off is the goal!

Oh, would you like to see the frame?


It’s a great shadow box frame, and the black will go with anything…

The only issue was the “grad~ 2013″….THAT is why it was 90% off! 🙂

I had to think outside the box as to how I could use this frame. I decided to buy a few and take them home, in hopes of being able to pull off the “grad” pieces.

It worked.

Let me show you what I came up with…


I found a photograph of mine that I wanted to frame, and thought I’d frame it with

my business card, as they go together.

The “grad” letters ended up pulling off easily. After taking them off, I glued scrapbook paper over the frame, glued my photo and business card on the paper, and there you go!


Thinking outside the box in our mind will help us in every area of life and living!

1 Corinthians 12:11-12 reminds us that we are one Body, with many parts.

We honor God when we strive to be who He uniquely created us to be, not trying to fit into some predetermined “box” of what an effective person must be. Not only does God delight in His people developing creative and relevant ways to live and be an example of living right to others, but I think He delights in watching us have fun in the process!

In the meantime we are fulfilling who we were created to be.

In conclusion, another frame idea…


Hope this inspired someone~

Both in thinking outside the box with creating things and thinking outside the box in how we can become all that we were designed to become!!



2 comments on “A new “frame” of mind~ Thinking outside the box

  1. David
    November 6, 2013

    Very inspiring words! I love it!

    • hvalardi
      November 6, 2013

      Thank you, my faithful encourager! 🙂

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