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Super-size planter pots for pennies~

Super-size planter pots for pennies…

I decided to try something different this year as far as how to beautify the front of the house for Fall!

In the past, I didn’t mind spending a good bit of money on large mums for my planters. After the season ended, I would transplant them into the ground and they would come back and bring beauty to the gardens. I found that didn’t work too well here in Virginia!

So…I decided to use some pots that I already had and lift and layer them! 🙂


I bought these small mums for less than $1- a piece. That means this tall planter arrangement cost me around $6.00, not including the things I already had in the garden shed! Not bad ‘eh? 🙂

fall #4 front door and pot 012

1. Start by finding a large pot or basket for the base. (This basket has about an 18″ diameter)

fall #4 front door and pot 011

2. Then find an old plastic pot or something else that you turn upside down inside the large pot.

(It will fill a good portion of space and be able to support the next planter…saving money on soil, as well as keeping the entire planter        lighter!)

3. Fill large planter with soil and plant the three mums or other Fall plants towards the front of the planter.

4. Prepare second planter with a full size mum, or three smaller ones. (I used a planter that had geraniums and a spray of greens. I took the plant out and kept the green spray for this arrangement…again, saving money!)

5. Time to layer the second pot on top of the bottom pot, positioning it towards the back of the large planter.

6. Cover soil with mulch and pine cones to keep the soil moist. (It conserves on water and it also looks finished!)

fall #4 front door and pot 021

I needed something large to make an impact and this works~

They’ve filled in even more since I took these pictures, just beautiful!


I’ve done something similar with another planter~


This planter is huge and it’s difficult to fill it well.

I found this super huge potted chrysanthemum with spray at Lowe’s for a good price. Then, I just sat it on top of the soil of this larger planter to get the look and proportion that it needed!

I planted a couple of the smaller mums in front and added some pine sprays to the back.

Layering and lifting both of these planters really gave them the grande look that I was looking for.


May this season be a blessing for each one of us.

May we take in the beauty of God’s creation and give Him thanks!

May we see fullness of Life in our lives…

    and then give Life away to those around us!

May we plant seeds of Love to every one in our circle of influence…

   and live to see the fullness of the harvest!

Harvest Blessings~


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Happy weekend, happy planting!  🙂



2 comments on “Super-size planter pots for pennies~

  1. David
    October 4, 2013

    I love the layered planters and I love the mums also! (Don’t tell anyone but I am in love with the one who did the planting as well!)

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