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~experiencing fulfillment in seeing transformation happen in both the natural, your home, and the spiritual, your inner self~ How creating beauty in your home can stimulate inner spiritual growth!


I look at the arrangement I have set up in our morning room and I hear the word Simplicity~

Fall pics and projects 063

It came about so simply~

My daughter so generously bought me the gray serving dish and pitcher for my birthday. I recognized them from Target’s Threshold line and instantly fell in love with them~

I’ve always gone for white dishes and serving dishes because of their versatility, and they simply go with Everything! But I was excited to receive my new pieces in gray~ I now say gray is the new white…simple!

The beautiful plant came from my son when he came home from his college internship recently for a visit before school started up again! God love him, he Never comes home empty handed. Somewhere along the line, he realized that gifts is one of my love languages!  😉

So I just plopped the plant in the pitcher and I love the look~ It hasn’t moved since…simple!

The yellow napkins and twine napkin rings are from the Target Threshold line also. I love how they add subtle color and texture to the table. I tossed them into the serving dish one night when I decided to use paper napkins, and there they stayed…simple!

Fall pics and projects 061_

Lastly, the glass jug filled with pussy willows came about as a simple switch out. I had bright yellow silk forsythias in the jug for Spring and Summer. Although it pained me to move them, because they were so bright and cheerful  I had to do it in order to officially usher in Fall!  Now that I have them, I love them. They’re a sweet childhood memory, pure and simple!

One of my favorite sayings is, “Less is more”, and I find that is often true in decorating,

…and in life!

  Other quotes on simplicity that made me stop and ponder:

“There is a majesty in simplicity.” (Alexander Pope)

“Live simply that others might simply live.” (Elizabeth Seaton)

“Our lives are frittered away by detail . . . Simplify, simplify.” (Henry David Thoreau)

How have you implemented simplicity into your lifestyle?

Let’s share ideas…

Smiling with Jesus!

Heidi 🙂


One comment on “Simplicity~

  1. David
    September 20, 2013

    I love it! Sounds like you have 2 pretty wonderful kids!

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