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~experiencing fulfillment in seeing transformation happen in both the natural, your home, and the spiritual, your inner self~ How creating beauty in your home can stimulate inner spiritual growth!

note from me/ and an easy Fall arrangement switch!

Personal Note:

I read an article on blogging that really hit me. It said that if you’re taking the time to blog and not getting your blog out there for readers to read, it’s like putting on a stage production and not inviting anybody!

I took this to heart and then to prayer~ You see, I spend so much time planning posts, gathering materials, working on projects, taking photographs and writing posts, that I have little time left over for anything else. This makes it hard to do all of the suggested things to get my blog more widely read!

As I walked early one morning, I asked God for a strategy, reminding Him that this blog was inspired by Him and for His glory.

I believe His strategy is to ask my readers to share the blog with any and every social media network they can. There are tabs to press at the bottom of every post and the work is done for you!

Soon after hearing this strategy in my heart, I saw a beautiful cloud with sun rays beaming out from behind. The Lord showed me that this is like my blog. He shared how the one ray of light from the sun was like a nugget of truth found in each post. The reader reads this truth and it gently leads them to the Son!

This was a sweet confirmation that I was on the right track. There are many readers who might never go to a Christian blog to hear the truth, but they will receive the truth in a more subtle way, through a design inspired blog!

If you would, please spread His love and truth by sharing this blog in as many ways as you can find. I believe He’s onto something here…and He’s allowing all of us to be a part of it!

Now for a Quick Seasonal Change idea!

For those of you who don’t have the time to change everything in your home for every season change, here’s an idea. Why don’t you switch out the flowers used in your arrangements.

Here’s an example, going from Summer to Autumn…


On the left is the Summer arrangement and the picture on the right is the close up of the ring of flowers along the base of the urn.

This is a 28″ urn that I use in my home and change out the flowers, fruits and stems seasonally!

The one thing that stays constant is the small palm, and everything else changes for the season…it’s really quite simple. There are three parts to the arrangement.

1. The small palm…stays.

2. The ring of fruit or flowers along the base of the palm…changes seasonally by lifting palm plant out of urn, placing the ring of flowers along the base and then adding the palm plant again!

3. The long stems coming up from the center of the palm…changes seasonally by placing them into the palm plant “soil”!

Here is the arrangement all set for Autumn!

On the left is the arrangement showing the Cat in Nine Tails used as the large stems and a flower and fruit arrangement used at the base of the urn!


There you have it, a quick seasonal change!

Please join me in God’s strategy to reach others with His Truth and Love by Sharing this blog~ Thanks!

All for Jesus~

Heidi xoxo


5 comments on “note from me/ and an easy Fall arrangement switch!

  1. David
    September 13, 2013

    They are beautiful as are you!

  2. Kim
    September 13, 2013

    I love how we are both being led in the same direction!! Heidi, I’ve found others in blogland, as well. I totally agree about all the hours of work for each post, leaving little time for “publicizing”. I’ve been hesitant to ask friends to share my blog because I don’t think they really understand what I’m doing. It’s NOT about me. It IS about sharing my faith. Your post today has spoken to me, and we both know Who’s behind it. 😉 I have a personal blog where I’ll write a post about much of what you shared, and I’ll ask for the help of friends and family. I’ll also share your blog so they can promote yours, as well. We do need to be faithful in this area, so thank you for being His beautiful instrument today!
    ❤ Kim

    • hvalardi
      September 13, 2013

      Kim, it is wonderful to hear from you~
      This is such a picture of the Body of Christ coming together to spread His love…who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!
      I love the Unity that is being developed!
      So blessed,
      Heidi xo

  3. Dorothea
    September 14, 2013

    I say Yes and Amen to both of you and what you have shared

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