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The Story of the Day Bed

The Story of the Day Bed all started a while back while brainstorming on how to most efficiently use our front room. It was sold to us as a bedroom as it has two closets. I liked the idea of having a bedroom and full bath on the first floor, as it would come in handy if we’re still here in our later years.

I also love the idea of having this room work as a “spa” room where we could set up a massage table and have soft music playing….

In the meantime, I made the room into my craft room and added board and batten for character. I’ve loved having all of my craft supplies in one area. It’s been so convenient!


And although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this as a craft room, I knew some day we needed to get a bed in here and also make it a bedroom!

Back about a year ago, I prayed for a massage table and a day bed. I also prayed for a Keurig  coffee maker, as I thought how wonderful it would be for our visitors!  😉

I knew we’d need a nice day bed, as this is a front room and it would be seen by anyone who enters our front door! So, I had the vision for it, prayed about it and released it! I’ve not thought about it much until recently and here is where it gets interesting…

My husband and I were traveling over the past two weeks, (and that’s why you haven’t seen much of me in blog land!) While in the car, we had a conversation about how we really needed to get a bed on the first floor for his mother’s upcoming visit. We agreed and discussed calling our neighbor-friends about the possibility of borrowing a bed from them…

…strangely enough, about two hours later we get a call from our friends asking us if we’d like a day bed they were getting rid of. I shook my head in disbelief, and then I thought my husband Must have called them, but he hadn’t!!!

They came over with a gorgeous day bed that we worked on a bit and put together. As we waited for the mattress, I got to thinking that I’d like a matelasse cover for the day bed and wondered where I’d find one. Soon after they showed up at the door with the mattress and guess what else…you got it, a matelasse coverlet that fit the day bed perfectly….again, all I could do was smile!

He knew the desires of my heart and was so ready to fulfill them…

Psalm 37:4

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

You see, I know God as my Father in Heaven. This is an area that has been developed over the years, as my earthly father has been absent from my life. As the void was too much to handle, it drew me to the Father.  As I grew in the knowledge of God as my father, He also showed Himself to me as my provider! He continues to personally care for me as a wonderful father!

All that I do is trust Him~

“When we trust in Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, we become a child of God, one who is both born and adopted into the family of God. As such, we become the recipients of God’s personal care as a loving heavenly Father.”


John 1:12-13

But to all who have received him—those who believe in his name—he has given the right to become God’s children 13 —children not born by human parents or by human desire or a husband’s decision, but by God.

Just as a child should be able to go to their earthly father for their needs to be met, we have our Heavenly Father who delights in meeting our needs. When our earthly fathers fall short of their purpose, God is there to fill those needs for us!  I happen to believe He is overjoyed to spoil His children. Because I have seen Him do this over and over again in my life, I don’t hesitate to ask Him for whatever my heart desires!

I pray that for you.

Whether your earthly father has done a wonderful job caring for you or not, I pray you will have a sweet relationship with your Heavenly Father. I pray you’ll have one in which you feel free to ask Him for anything, knowing that He loves you and will spoil you with His abundance!

Oh, by now you’re probably ready to see the day bed…sorry, I just get so excited to be talking about the Lord and His goodness…Here’s the day bed~


I smile as I look at this picture and think about His provision. Do you know that I didn’t buy anything new to put this together. I had the extra pillows, sheets, matelasse shams~ everything was just waiting for the arrival of the day bed…

Now, as for the massage table and the Keurig coffee maker, I’m believing for more miracles. I’m not sure how He’ll do it as He’s so creative, but I’m sure He’ll do it none the less…What kind of miracles of provision have you experienced…Please share!

Love in Christ~

Heidi xo


5 comments on “The Story of the Day Bed

  1. Ariel
    August 9, 2013

    God is so incredible, and is always so, so faithful!!! He really does know the desires of our hearts and takes joy in fulfilling them!

    • hvalardi
      August 10, 2013

      I believe He’s especially delighted when our heart is to serve others! 🙂

  2. David
    August 11, 2013

    He is an AWESOME God!! I know that what he has done for us he will do for others; all they need to do is ask!

  3. Kim Hood
    August 11, 2013

    Heidi, isn’t it amazing that God truly cares for our little bitty desires – enough to give us even more than we asked for?! I love your daybed story! Enjoy your room and the faith memory it represents. 🙂
    His blessings,

    • hvalardi
      August 12, 2013

      Thank you David and Kim~ The day bed is a constant reminder of His Amazing Love and Provision~ Yeah God! 🙂

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