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~experiencing fulfillment in seeing transformation happen in both the natural, your home, and the spiritual, your inner self~ How creating beauty in your home can stimulate inner spiritual growth!

craft room~ STORAGE Solution Solved…

We finished our Craft Room Makeover two weeks ago. It was after I published it, I realized there was one more thing that I could do to add storage.

I had picked up this cute little dresser at a yard sale, and tucked it away until I could find it’s purpose…


…and I was tickled by this adorable drawer paper-  the nostalgia was not wasted on me! 🙂


It was in definite need of fresh paint…such an easy fix!


I was able to place it between the bar stools to make a perfect fit!


Although I have a large storage closet for my supplies, this little lovely gives me quick and easy access to things I use all of the time, and it’s just so cute! 😉


I’ve added a black and white “back splash” to pin up inspiration and ideas!


…and I had to show you my new little treasure. I am in love with this old tool box insert. It came with the robin’s egg blue paint already. I have been using it to hold my glue gun and supplies I’m using at the time…


I’m please with the way this room turned out…it makes me happy!

I recently posted Beautiful Bath on a budget, where I shopped my own storage shelves to refresh our down stairs bathroom. I took inventory of what I had and what I needed, using only what I loved! 

This craft room storage chest of drawers is a good example of doing just that…

So remember, it’s not only true for our homes, but…

We need to occasionally take an inventory of our own lives

1.What do we have stored up within ourselves worthy to be put to use?

2.What “treasures” would someone find “tucked away” on the shelves of our lives?

 Philippians 1:10  

“For I want you to understand what really matters, so that you may live pure and blameless lives until the day of Christ’s return.”

God is calling us to look for the excellent rather than just the acceptable…

Happy, happy, blessed-beyond-measure weekend to you~

❤ Heidi


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