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Plush Place mat Pillow…

I found three of these place mats at Target on clearance…I’m not exactly sure of their original price, but they were part of the Threshold line, so I believe they were a bit pricier than the typical $3.99 place mat!

I fell in love with them, but they weren’t priced, so I took them to the register anyways and found that they were not in the system anymore…Yay, for me! That meant that they were Really marked down. I got them for $0.74 a piece!!!

*(I started this trend about 20 years ago when my son was one~ I found coordinating denim and bandanna place mats and runners at the Christmas Tree Shop! I made window valances from the runners and pillows out of the place mats. I used additional place mats to cover his end tables. I used birch tree branches for the curtain rods, and hung the runner with bandannas tied to the birch branch! I wish I had pics to show you~ some of you reading might remember…so cute!)

Anyway, back to reality…the here and now…here are the place mats from Target, getting ready to become plush pillows!


(pardon the water drips on the place mat…I noticed them after taking these pictures!)    🙂


1. I used my Cutco sewing sheers to carefully open the seam on the side of the place mat! You could use sharp scissors or a seam ripper…either way, just go slow and be careful not to cut the material! It’s best to cut open about 5″ of seam to allow room to get your hand in!


2. Use pillow filler to fully stuff the place mat!  I start by placing stuffing into the corners of the form and then filling the pillow with a lot of stuffing~ this gives it a plush look when finished!


3. I have found it very economical to purchase inexpensive pillows, to use their stuffing to fill my pillows! This is much cheaper than buying pre made pillow forms.


4. Next, pull the edges of the pillow together and pin using straight pins. (this is very important and if you try and do this without pinning it could get messy…believe me, I tried!)

new pillow 010


5. To avoid sewing, get out your handy dandy hot glue gun and carefully glue the trim back to the pillow. This pillow has a double layer of trim, so I glued the white trim first and then the gray trim next. I carefully pulled out the loose thread that was left over from opening the seam, to give it a clean look!

new pillow 014


I love the look of the layered gray pillows on the white chair!


Think Outside the Box!

I had a place mat but didn’t need a place mat, I needed a pillow!

I had to think outside the box, so that the materials I had would fit the need that I had!

This causes us to stretch our minds, to think more effectively and efficiently! 

We do the same thing with ourselves. We’re all born with natural and spiritual giftings! We want to be good stewards with these things~ stewardship is faithfully using whatever God has given us (opportunities, talents, jobs, money, gifts, family, skills, etc.) for His glory!  ~ see Mt. 25: 20-21

We need to see where God is working in a situation, and join Him in that work. We need to think about our gifts to see how they fit God’s plan, and use them in a way that gives us the best results…

Again…causing us to stretch our minds, to think more effectively and efficiently!

An easy exercise might be to make a list:  1.  What we have to offer    2. What is needed

Then pray and ask God to show you where you can serve effectively and efficiently!!!

Thanks for reading this mind stretching post~

🙂  Heidi




6 comments on “Plush Place mat Pillow…

  1. Kimmers
    June 6, 2013

    Awesome idea Heidi!!! Hate paying $24 or more for pillows!

  2. Pamela DeMarco
    June 6, 2013

    Beautiful idea based on a beautiful concept! Thanks…

  3. hvalardi
    June 6, 2013

    Thanks Kim and Pam…God is so good! :)))

  4. Christine Page
    June 6, 2013

    Beautiful! Love the grey ~ just painted our dining room a medium shade of it. Also, great idea about using cheap pillows for the stuffing! Much more economical. Your pillows came out fantastic!

  5. hvalardi
    June 7, 2013

    Thanks so much Christine~ I wonder if gray is the color of the decade (much like gold was for the past 15 yrs.!) All that I know is I LOVE it! You’ll need to put a picture of your dining room up! 😀

  6. David
    June 7, 2013

    Very creative. I bet your husband thought you spent lots of money on all those pillows you have throughout your house.

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