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“Value is all relative”, she said.

My good friend Cindy, who happens to be one of the wisest people I know, inquired about the copper pot this morning. As I shared with her my decision about whether to keep the pot or not, something she said really struck me…and it all came together!

“Value is all relative”, she said.

In that, I knew she meant that whether the pot was priced well, worth what I payed, or of any value was all relative to one thing, what was it worth to me!

Keep that thought in mind, while I share my decision about the pot….

I know we’re talking about a dumb pot here, and I find it almost comical how much time it’s taken me to decide if it’s worth it to me and whether I’ll keep it! All that said, I decided to keep it and here’s why…

1. I checked on line and similar pots are selling for 149.99…Yes, you read that correctly…copper plated, not all copper…I was shocked!!!

2. I found a practical purpose for it, and realized it will add beauty to the side of my home that really needs it!  Here it is being a hose holder!


3. I realized that it would match the water fountain on the wall above it!


4. This morning I realized that it not only matches that fountain but it also matches the pot I have in the front of the house And another fountain out back…You’re probably saying, “she’s a little slow”…I know, I was…but that’s alright as long as I finally got it, right?  🙂




If you remember, the last post on this matter, “deal or no deal” ended with the absolute Greatest Deal one could attain, the free gift of salvation that comes when one opens their heart and asks Jesus to come in and be the Lord of their lives!

I’ve often wondered why someone wouldn’t take this offer, this totally free gift!  My thoughts have been, how can you go wrong…what do you have to lose…why doesn’t everybody see that, and today it hit me, just like it did with the copper pot….

Value is all relative~

With my pot, I asked the same questions as I could with salvation…

1. Was this of great value, was it worth something costly, was it precious…

2. Would it serve a great purpose in my life…

3. Would it add beauty to my life…

4. Would it go with what’s (important) in my life… values, character, beauty….

The answer to all of these questions were Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

He has done all of these things for me, and much more~ He saved me, and I know that I  desperately need Him. I have purpose because of Him, I am beautiful because of Him, I add to other’s lives because of Him and I have found my place because of Him!

“Value is all relative”, she said and little did she know how profound a statement that was!

I love you and pray this is as rich for you as it is for me…


…All for Jesus!

Have a great weekend and like, comment or re post if you will~ I’d appreciate it!  Thanks!


6 comments on ““Value is all relative”, she said.

  1. David
    May 17, 2013

    If only the lost and the lonely and the beaten up and the forgotten and the downtrodden … could see the VALUE that God places on them, I believe that this country and this world would be a whole better place. If we could all only “see” the beauty that God sees in us, this world would be a much nicer place!

  2. hvalardi
    May 17, 2013

    That is so true David…So not only is our value of God relative (to many variables including how much we need Him and how desperate we are for change…) but, our perception of how He values us is relative (to many variables including how our earthly father showed us value and how we viewed the love shown to us in our childhood, among many things…) So, if we could see how Beautiful we are to God, we would act more beautiful, see more beauty in others, observe more beauty in His creation, and so on and so on…that’s good stuff! Thanks….

  3. Cindy
    May 17, 2013

    Only you would think of making something beautiful out of where you keep your hose! Now, is the hose neatly wound up in there or is it scunched up? Is it hard or easy to put the hose away each time? Great idea!

    By the way, I saw this interesting video regarding how a lot women view themselves. Beauty is relative and often we see ourselves differently than others see us. Check it out.

    • hvalardi
      May 17, 2013

      All I can say is Oh My!!!! I just watched the video and it was so revealing…Every woman needs to watch this video and think about how they view themselves!

      Thanks for commenting my dear wise friend! 🙂

  4. Kim Hood
    May 17, 2013

    Lovely. All of it. And the comments. 🙂

  5. Pastor Alyese
    May 25, 2013

    This is great Heidi, I’m so proud these things coming out of you, or rather what God has birthed in you, soooooooooo powerful. Keep up listening to the Father. Selah

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